Salthill Devon Fives – End of an Era

Updated: April 27, 2017

 Salthill Devon would like to announce that The Salthill Fives will not take place this year.

The tournament ran for forty years and was the most successful event of its type in Ireland.

“It is for a combination of reasons that the club has decided to not to stage the tournament this year” “ The event has run its course as regards to its format and it has always been a mantra of the tournament to deliver a top notch event” ” said Pete Kelly

Throughout the past 40 years the sponsorship of the tournament has been exceptional. Salthill Devon would like to acknowledge partnership with Diageo, most recently the Carlsberg brand for their patronage. “The relationship with ‘the Guinness Group’ as it then was when we started it, has stretched over a quarter of century” and has been a wonderful experience.

Additionally there have been myriad other sponsors and volunteers who have contributed and lent their time over the years and we are very appreciative of their support.

When a tournament runs for that length of time, it is impossible to do it justice in a few minutes and in due course we hope to produce a history of the Fives.

It would be remiss of us however not to mention that Salthill Devon’s own Brendan O’ Shaughnessy, whose brainchild the Fives was and who carried the event for 30 + years. The legend that is ‘Shaughs’ will feature massively when the story is told and retold.

Finally, we would like to thank, sincerely, everybody who has in any way contributed to ‘Salthill National Fives’ – while there is certain sadness in wrapping up the tournament but a great pride also, that we achieved something worthwhile.

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