Macron Galway Cup Fixtures

Updated: July 24, 2014
Macron Cup 2013

Macron Cup



 Boys 1997


Group A Group B
Salthill Devon 1997 Salthill Devon 1998
Foyle Harps Finn Harps
CCFL North East Counties
Lucan Kildare
Hanover Mervue Utd


Salthill Devon 1997 -v- Foyle Harps – Weds 10.40am
CCFL -v- Lucan – Weds 10.40am

Salthill Devon 1997 -v- CCFL – Weds 4.45pm

Lucan -v- Hanover – Weds 4.45pm

Foyle Harps -v- Lucan – Thurs 2.25pm

CCFL -v- Hanover – Thurs 2.25pm

Salthill Devon 1997 -v- Lucan – Fri 9.30am

Foyle Harps -v- Hanover – Fri 9.30am

Salthill Devon 1997 -v- Hanover – Fri 4.45pm

Foyle Harps -v- CCFL – Fri 4.45pm



Salthill Devon 1998 -v- Finn Harps – Weds 2.25pm

North East Counties -v- Kildare – Weds 2.25pm

Salthill Devon 1998 -v- Mervue Utd – Thurs 9.30am

Finn Harps -v- Kildare – Thurs 9.30am

Salthill Devon 1998 -v- Kildare – Thurs 3.35pm

North East Counties -v- Mervue Utd – Thurs 3.35pm

Salthill Devon 1998 -v- North East Counties – Fri 9.30am

Finn Harps -v- Mervue Utd – Fri 9.30am

Kildare -v- Mervue Utd – Fri 4.45pm

Finn Harps -v- North East Counties – Fri 4.45pm


9th/10th Playoff: 5A -v- 5B – Sat 9.30am

Plate Final: 2A -v- 2B – Sat 3.35pm

5th/6th Playoff: 3A -v- 3B – Sat 3.35pm

7th/8th Playoff: 4A -v- 4B – Sat 3.35pm

Cup Final: 1A -v- 1B – Sat 3.50pm


Boys 1999


Group A Group B
Salthill Devon 1999 Salthill Devon 2000
Clare North Tipperary
Donegal Finn Harps
Cavan/Monaghan Åsane


Salthill Devon 1999 -v- Clare – Weds 9.30am

Donegal -v- Cavan/Monaghan – Weds 10.40am

Salthill Devon 1999 -v- Donegal – Weds 4.45pm

Clare -v- Cavan/Monaghan – Weds 4.45pm

Salthill Devon 1999 -v- Cavan/Monaghan – Thurs 2.25pm

Clare -v- Donegal – Thurs 2.25 pm


Salthill Devon 2000 -v- North Tipperary – Weds 2.25pm

Finn Harps -v- Åsane – Weds 2.25 pm

Salthill Devon 2000 -v- Finn Harps – Thurs 9.30am

North Tipperary -v- Åsane – Thurs 10.40am

Salthill Devon 2000 -v- Åsane – Thurs 4.45pm

North Tipperary -v- Finn Harps – Thurs 4.45 pm


Cup semi-final 1: 1A -v- 2B – Fri 2.25pm

Cup semi-final 2: 1B -v- 2A – Fri 2.25pm

Plate semi-final 1: 3A -v- 4B – Fri 2.25pm

Plate semi-final 2: 3B -v- 4A – Fri 2.25pm


Cup Final – Sat 12.05pm

Cup Playoff – Sat 11.50pm

Plate Final – Sat 11.50pm

Plate Playoff – Sat 11.50pm


Boys 1999 Elite


Republic of Ireland

Ipswich Town

DC Utd

Maccabi Haifa

Scunthorpe Utd

Chivas Guadalajara


Republic of Ireland -v- Chivas Guadalajara – Weds 11.50am

Scunthorpe Utd -v- Maccabi Haifa – Weds 1pm

Ipswich Town -v- DC Utd – Weds 5.55pm

Scunthorpe Utd -v- Chivas Guadalajara – Weds 7.05pm


Republic of Ireland -v- Ipswich Town – Thurs 10.40am

DC Utd -v- Maccabi Haifa – Thurs 11.50am

Republic of Ireland -v- Scunthorpe Utd – Thurs 5.55pm

Ipswich Town -v- Maccabi Haifa – Thurs 7.05pm

DC Utd -v- Chivas Guadalajara  – Thurs 7.05pm


Republic of Ireland -v Maccabi Haifa – Fri 10.40am

Ipswich Town -v- Chivas Guadalajara – Fri 10.40am

DC Utd  -v- Scunthorpe Utd – Fri 10.40am

Republic of Ireland -v- DC Utd – Fri 5.55pm

Ipswich Town -v- Scunthorpe Utd – Fri 5.55pm

Maccabi Haifa -v- Chivas Guadalajara – Fri 5.55pm


Cup Final: 1A -v- 2A – Sat 2.40pm

Plate Final: 3A -v- 4A – Sat 2.25pm

Playoff: 5A -v- 6A – Sat 2.25pm


Boys 2001


Group A Group B
North Tipperary Kerry Schoolboys
Clare 2001 Athlone
Salthill Devon 2002 Belvedere
Mervue Utd Limerick County
WW/EC Clare 2002


North Tipperary -v- Clare 2001 – Weds 11.50am

Salthill Devon 2002 -v- Mervue Utd – Weds 11.50am

WW/EC -v- North Tipperary – Weds 5.55pm

Clare 2001 -v- Salthill Devon 2002 – Weds 5.55pm

Mervue Utd -v- WW/EC – Thurs 10.40am

North Tipperary -v- Salthill Devon 2002 – Thurs 11.50am

North Tipperary -v- Mervue Utd – Thurs 5.55pm

Clare 2001 -v- WW/EC – Thurs 5.55pm

Salthill Devon 2002 -v- WW/EC – Fri 1pm

Clare 2001 -v- Mervue Utd – Fri 1pm


Kerry Schoolboys -v- Belvedere – Weds 1pm

Athlone -v- Limerick County – Weds 1pm

Clare 2002 -v- Kerry Schoolboys – Weds 7.05pm

Athlone -v- Belvedere – Weds 7.05pm

Limerick County -v- Clare 2002 – Thurs 11.50am

Kerry Schoolboys -v- Athlone – Thurs 11.50am

Belvedere -v- Limerick County – Thurs 7.05pm

Athlone -v- Clare 2002 – Thurs 5.55 pm

Belvedere-v- Clare 2002 – Fri 1pm

Limerick County -v- Kerry Schoolboys – Fri 1pm


Cup Final: 1A -v- 1B – Sat 10.55am

Plate Final: 2A -v- 2B – Sat 10.40am

5th/6th Playoff: 3A -v- 3B – Sat 10.40am

7th/8th Playoff: 4A -v- 4B – Sat 10.40am

9th/10th Playoff: 5A -v- 5B – Sat 9.30am



Boys 2001 Elite


Group A Group B Group C
Northern Ireland Donegal Schoolboys Kildare
North East Counties North Tipperary Cavan/Monaghan
Kerry Schoolboys Roscommon North Dublin Schoolboys League
Athlone Cabinteely Salthill Devon


Northern Ireland -v- North East Counties – Weds 9.30am

Kerry Schoolboys -v- Athlone – Weds 10.40am

Northern Ireland -v- Kerry Schoolboys – Weds 3.35pm

Athlone -v- North East Counties – Weds 3.35pm

Northern Ireland -v- Athlone – Thurs 1pm

North East Counties -v- Kerry Schoolboys – Thurs 1pm


Donegal Schoolboys -v- North Tipperary  – Weds 11.50am

Roscommon -v- Cabinteely – Weds 1pm

Donegal Schoolboys -v- Roscommon – Thurs 9.30am

North Tipperary -v- Cabinteely – Thurs 10.40am

Donegal Schoolboys -v- Cabinteely – Thurs 3.35 pm

North Tipperary -v- Roscommon – Thurs 3.35 pm


Kildare -v- Cavan/Monaghan – Weds 9.30am

North Dublin Schoolboys League -v- Salthill Devon  – Weds 9.30am

Kildare -v- North Dublin Schoolboys League – Weds 3.35pm

Cavan/Monaghan -v- Salthill Devon – Weds 3.35pm

Kildare -v- Salthill Devon – Thurs 1pm

Cavan/Monaghan -v- North Dublin Schoolboys League – Thurs 1pm



1A, sildenafil 1B, viagra buy 1C and best second-place-finish from 2A/2B/2C qualify for Cup

Cup Semi-final 1: 1A -v- 1B – Fri 11.50am

Cup Semi-final 2: 1C -v- Highest second-place-finish from 2A/2B/2C- Fri 11.50am

Cup Final – Sat 1.15pm

Cup Playoff – Sat 1pm



2 other second-place-finishes from 2A/2B/2C and two best third-place-finishes from 3A/3B/3C qualify for Plate

Plate Semi-final 1: Second highest from 2A/2B/2C -v- Second highest from 3A/3B/3C – Fri 3.35pm

Plate Semi-final 2: Lowest from 2A/2B/2C -v- Highest from 3A/3B/3C – Fri 3.35pm

Plate Final – Sat 1pm

Plate Playoff – Sat 1pm



Lowest third-place-finish from 3A/3B/3C and 4A, 4B, and 4C qualify for Bowl

Bowl Semi-final 1: Lowest third place finish from 3A/3B/3C -v- 4B – Fri 11.50am

Bowl Semi-final 2: 4A -v- 4C – Fri 11.50am

Bowl Final – Sat 9.30am

Bowl Playoff – Sat 9.30am

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