Last Man Standing 2016/17

Updated: April 6, 2017



April 2017 Round 5 – Results

Results from round 5 are in . There are 8 players going into Round 6. Round 6 kicks off 15th April with a deadline of 14th April 5pm.

Full results below from round 5 if you see any inconsistencies please  contact

Name Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5
Denis O Brien Man City Everton Spurs Leicester Man Utd
Sean Armstrong Man City Everton Spurs Arsenal Chelsea
Kezzia Porter Spurs Everton Liverpool Leicester Man City
Siobhan Shaughnessy Leicester Everton Watford Spurs Man City
Ross Barrett Leicester Everton Spurs Arsenal Man City
Rya Ruane Leicester Everton Watford Burnley Spurs
Martin Wade Chelsea Man Utd Spurs Arsenal Man City
James Crowe Leicester Man Utd Liverpool Arsenal Chelsea

Competition Rules

  1. Each week, simply pick a team playing a match that week – if your team wins, you go through, lose or draw and you’re out
  2. You may not pick the same team twice during the tournament (unless the tournament progresses past 20 weeks).
  3. You must text your team selection along with your name before 5pm the Friday before the round of fixtures. Rounds of fixtures may take place on weekends or mid-week
  4. Should you forget to make your selection in any week, you will automatically be assigned the first team that you have not selected in alphabetical order. Once a team is automatically selected, you will not have the ability to change the selection
  5. Last Man continues until only one person remains and wins the pot. If two participants remain at the end, the pot is equally distributed; however, if more than two remain everyone goes through to the next round. If all remaining players lose in the last round, they all go through to the next round
  6. Salthill Devon LMS committee has the final decision – no exceptions!

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